Mister Maker

Let’s get this party started!

Set in Mister Maker’s Arty Pad this series will feel like a “live event” with the focus of the show on the interaction with the Mini Makers.

For the first time, the Mini Makers will be at the centre of the art being created. Each show will have a theme running through it which will be revealed at the beginning of the episode. All the Mini Makers will be able to make suggestions for makes based on this theme and they will be central throughout the makes.

The series covers everything creative, not just arts & crafts, for the ultimate celebration of arts!

series 1 – 20 x 20′, series 2 – 20 x 20′, series 3 : 20 x 20′

Mister Maker Comes to Town:
Series 4 – 25 x 20′, series 5 : 25 x 20′ (includes Christmas special)

Mister Maker Around the World:
Series 6 – 25 x 20′ (includes a Christmas special)

Mister Maker’s Arty Party:
Series 7 – 25 x 29′ HD

Production: Zodiak Kids Studios for CBeebies

Key facts:

– Broadcast in overs 200 territories including CBeebies (UK), Super RTL (Germany), e.tv (South Africa), CT:D (Czech Republic), NTV7 (Malaysia), Mediacorp (Singapore), YoYo (Taïwan), Thaï PBS (Thaïland), MNCTV (Indonesia), ABC (Australia), BBC Worldwide (Africa, CEE, Latin America), Al Jazeera / Beln (Middle-East), Discovery Kids (India), Hop! (Israel)

– 92% of all children aged 4-6 in the UK have watched Mister Maker.

– Mister Maker’s Arty Party has performed exceptionnaly well for CBeebies, achieving substantialy above the benchmark for the target 4-6 year-old audience with an average: 27% share of viewing and a peak of 55%

– Top selling Mister Maker app available now!

– Dynamic Mister Maker website www.mistermaker.com and an engaged fan base across all social media platforms

– Format rights available

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