Millie Inbetween

The comedy and dramas of modern family life

Millie Inbetween is a new comedy about families – two quite complicated ones! In the show, Millie’s parents are amicably divorced leading new lives with new partners, and their new partner’s kids too. Millie has to deal with not one but two “blended families”! and it’s never easy.

The new series picks up some months after the previous season left off and there are new choices and challenges for Millie to cope with – all in day’s work for a girl in her situation. She and her big sister Lauren are still alternating between Mum’s house and Dad’s flat as Millie balances becoming a teenager and managing to keep things together when everyone in the family is falling apart!

Millie struggles will be familiar to many viewers, and the sparky young teen will illuminate the ups and downs of her topsy turvy family set-up in both a poignant and funny way.

Duration: Series 1 – 13 x 30′ / series 2 – 13 x 30′ / series 3 – 12 x 30′
Production: Zodiak Kids for CBBC
Key facts:

– Reached a thrid of all girls aged 10-15 in the UK across two series

– Nominated for a BAFTA Children’s Awards (2017) in the “Best Performer” category.

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