A magical world on the other side of a toy box

Magiki is a fantastic land of dizy fairies and sassy mermaids where Princess Billie explores real world issues of fairness, sibling rivalry and self- confidence. 

Billie (7) is a sweet, curious kid, a bit of a tomboy who doesn’t do pink! Then she uses her magic key to open a toy box and enter the enchanted world of Magiki. Here, she’s People’s Princess, kind, generous and fair. As in real life, if there’s trouble in the kingdom, it’s usually because of her cheeky twin sisters, who inhabit Magiki as pesky princesses Marie and Antoinette (9). Helped by her toys, Sir Kitty Cat, Lady Fiona and Countess Elizabeth, and the boy next door, Truman, who is transformed into Master Truman, her trusted counsel. Billie tries to be a good friend to everyone and make the world a better place.

Duration: 52 x ’11 HD
Production: Zodiak Kids Studios in coproduction with DeAgostini, Planeta and Animation for Gulli and Super!

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