Princesses with magical singing voices

Iris’s earthling life is turned upside down when she learns that she’s actually an alien princess. Her audition for the girl band “LoliRock” reveals this truth to the other LoliRock bandmates, Talia and Auriana. They have found the heir to the throne of Ephedia.

Years ago, when this distant crystal planet fell under the spell of the eveil Gramorr, the infant Iris was sent to earth for safekeeping. But now, the only way to free the people of Ephedia is by recovering the mythical Oracle Gems that are scattered across Earth. It’s a quest for which Iris is needed and one that is done under the guise of being a pop band. It’s a battle against alien agents, crystal monsters, while appealing to crowds of adoring fans.

In the powerful second series, they are joined by two new princesses, Carissa and Lyna in their mission to free the people of Ephedia. Together, the five princesses are fighting harm with crystal charm.

Duration: Series 1: 26 x 26′ HD / Series 2: 26 x 26′ HD
Production: Marathon Media for Disney France and France Télévisions

Key facts:

– The music in LoliRock overseen by acclaimed producer Yellow Shark,

– Broadcasting in major countries : Disney (pan-Europe), France Télévisions (France), Netflix (US), DeAgostini (Italy), Globo (Brazil), Mediacorp (Singapore), Noga (Israel), Canal Panda (Portugal), MTV3 (Finland)

– Draws audience up to four times stronger than average for FTV.

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