Kody Kapow

Kody Kapow is about an aspiring martial arts–style superhero named Kody who spends the summer with his extended family in a small village in China.  His grandfather, a martial arts master, teaches Kody ancient lessons of mindfulness, patience and perseverance, which Kody employs as he and his super spy cousin Mei set off on adventures in the village together with their tiger friend Goji, voiced by Jason Alexander in the US.

The series is created by Alexander Bar and developed for television by Robin Stein and Dan Franklin. The executive producer for Zodiak Kids Studios is Eryk Casemiro.

Zodiak Kids will own worldwide (excluding US) distribution rights to Kody Kapow.

Duration : 52 x 11’
Production Company : Zodiak Kids Studios
Commissioning Broadcaster : Sprout

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