Horrid Henry

He’s so brilliant it’s just not fair

With the moody girl next door continually pestering him, and his perfect little brother always showing him up, life’s not easy for ‘horrid’ Henry.

This three-time BAFTA nominated show features the UK’s most successful children’s literary character after Harry Potter. Henry knows he’s destined for stardom, he’s just not quite sure when or how! His mum and dad love him dearly but wish he’d stop behaving like such a child. Compared to his younger brother, Peter, he certainly has some growing up to do! If there’s an opportunity to get out of swimming class by pretending there’s a shark in the pool, Henry will do it. The brains behind a pet sitting business based in his bedroom, he’s never short of ideas. This boy thinks it’s him against the world… and he’ll take those odds.

Duration: Series 1 – 52 x 11′ / series 2 – 52 x 11′ / series 3 – 52 x 11′ HD / series 4 – 52 x 11′ HD

Production: Novel Entertainment

Key facts:

– Broadcast in over 45 countries worldwide

– Ranked as the top performing programme on CITV every year since 2008 for 4-9 year-olds

– The most successful children’s literary character in the UK after Harry Potter. Over 18 million books sold in the UK and available in 24 languages and 27 countries

– Three times BAFTA nominated and a mainstay on CITV airing twice daily

– Hugely successful website www.horridhenry.co.uk

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