Destination Planet Earth!

Fleeker, Flo and Boomer are pocket-sized alien adventurers on a mission to observe, experience and detail the new and exciting world around them – Planet Earth!

Arriving in their spaceship with a bump from the distant planet Floog, the Floogals are on a mission to document everything around them in the peculiar world of “hoomans”. Whilst trying to keep their presence a secret, the innately inquisitive Floogals explore the new world around them, encountering something every day that sparks their curiosity, setting in motion the day’s research “Project” with adventure never far behind.

Through processes of questioning, observing and experimenting, the Floogals are able to learn more about the new world around them. They report back to the Council on Planet Floog to earn their very special stickers! But it’s crucial that they do this without being seen or heard. Watch them discover the wonders of our big, exciting and sometimes baffling world as we see it from their tiny perspective – four inches of the ground!

Duration: 52 x 11′ HD
: Zodiak Kids for Sprout

Key facts :

– In Kids 2-5, Floogals 8:30 pm slot ranks #1 among all Sprout shows

– On NBC’s Saturday mroning Kids slot, Floogals is the highest rated show and watchers nearly 1 million viewers.

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